Honoring Our Pathmakers

The National Native American Hall of Fame will serve as a unique resource for identifying and honoring these contemporary pathmakers, new heroes and significant contributors to American society.

The major focus of the Hall of Fame will be from the Civil War period up until present day.  This time frame was chosen because the Civil War was a milestone event in Native American history in a unique, and “modern” sense, because Natives fought on both sides of that national conflict. This phenomenon was happening at the same time that Geronimo and the Apaches, Quanah Parker and the Comanches and many Plains and western tribes were fighting against U.S. forces in the West.

 The National Native American Hall of Fame will help people understand how Native Americans overcame the hopelessness of early reservations, and the trauma of Indian boarding schools, poverty, discrimination, racism and the cultural divide to not only adapt, but to achieve greatness in every field, profession and industry.

Our Mission

“To recognize and honor the inspirational achievements of Native Americans in contemporary history.”

Our Vision

To establish The National Native American Hall of Fame as a world class international tourist/visitor destination attraction.  It will also offer a large traveling exhibit that will be available to schools, colleges, libraries, tribal museums, visitor centers, events, powwows and conferences.

We believe that through experiential education and interactive exposures, we can prevent negative stereotyping and provide inspiration for our young people.

Support Our Vision

The generosity of Foundations, Corporations, Grant Agencies, Sponsors and individuals like you is vital in helping us to fulfill our mission as well as helping to build a dynamic resource for creating a richer narrative for modern American history books.


We're excited to hear your ideas, questions, and other inquiries you may have.