Nez Perce Tribe

2019 – Journalism,

Hattie Kauffman started her broadcast career on college radio at the University of Minnesota. Next, she began to report and anchor for KING 5 News in Seattle, earning four Emmy awards. ABC’s Good Morning America whisked Hattie to New York City in 1987, where she served as a Special Correspondent and frequent substitute anchor.

In 1990, Hattie moved to CBS News as a correspondent and a substitute anchor on CBS This Morning. In her two decades with the network, Hattie also reported for 48 Hours, Street Stories, Sunday Morning, CBS Radio, CBS Special Reports, the Early Show, and CBS Evening News. Hattie’s memoir, “Falling Into Place,” was published in September 2013.

Hattie Kauffman (Nez Perce) from James Shield on Vimeo.