Kiowa Tribe

2019 – Military,

Recognized as America’s most decorated Native American soldiers, Pascal Poolaw served with the United States Army in three wars: World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Among his 42 medals and citations are four Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars. He earned three Purple Hearts, one for each of the wars in which he served. The fourth Silver Star was awarded posthumously after Pascal died during action in Vietnam.

At Pascal’s funeral at the Fort Sill Post Cemetery in Lawton, Oklahoma, his wife Irene said, “He has followed the trail of the great chiefs. His people hold him in honor and highest esteem. He has given his life for the people and the country he loved so much.” His legacy lives on at Fort Sill. Poolaw Hall is named after him and holds an exhibit dedicated to the American Indian Soldier.

Ralph Poolaw (Kiowa) from James Shield on Vimeo.